My Practice Philosophy

Awareness, Balance, and Connection.

It is my goal to provide high quality listening and thoughtful response for each of my clients. I want people who work with me to feel deeply understood so that they may come to know themselves in new ways.

Mentors who greatly influenced me advised Awareness, Balance, and Connection. Be aware of the impact stress is having on you, strive for balance among all aspects of your life, and maintain connection with loved ones, spiritual inspiration, and your physical self.

I have taken these ABC's to heart. As a result, I practice in a specific way that allows me to love my work.

Awareness means being mindful of the impact of therapy work on my own spirit and perspective. I meditate regularly, seek help when I need it, and am vigilant about self-care just as I encourage clients to be.

To provide high quality, I keep my caseload fairly small. Within that small group I have a balance of diverse individuals from elders navigating the challenges of aging, to middle-aged couples struggling to stay connected during the high-stress years of career and parenthood, to young adults struggling with issues of identity and self-worth.

For professional connection I obtain regular consultation and support from my network of experienced and respected colleagues.

Limits of Practice: 

I take at least six weeks of vacation a year and am not available around the clock for therapy clients. While I am highly knowledgeable about psychological trauma, since leaving the Traumatic Stress Institute and entering solo practice, I no longer define myself primarily as a trauma therapist.

As I have aged I have realized that life energy is precious and limited.

*I do not take on clients who are in active life-threatening crisis or who are in early stages of trauma stabilization where they may need frequent out- of- session contact. I am happy to help people searching for the services they need by talking with them about referral possibilities.